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Minggu, 14 Juni 2009

Thru-Tubing Systems (TTS)

Thru-Tubing Systems (TTS) is an engineering, manufacturing, and service company specializing in thru-tubing workover/completion systems, sand control systems and cased hole systems (X-Span).
TTS offers a variety of thru-tubing packer systems from retrievable dual seal bore type to compression set, tension set, inflatable and permanent seal bore types.
TTS has developed many innovative applications designed to allow the oil and gas operator to successfully conduct well bore remedies using a coil tubing and/or wireline unit.

These services and related components are designed to give the operator a viable option to conventional rig type workovers for many remedial well bore operations
No one can accurately predict what might happen downhole all the time. That's why we often dispatch a complete mobile workshop to support our downhole tool assemblies. For complex jobs, this TTS capability can be invaluable. Experienced TTS personnel can change-out entire BHAs, quickly redress tools between runs, or add components to modify job procedures on the fly. And whenever we can save time, you save money by getting your well back on-stream faster.

 Running / Retrieving Services
• Isolation assemblies
• Velocity strings
• Completion accessories
• Flow control services

 Thru Tubing Fishing Services
• Nipple / Plugs
• Wireline tool strings
• Parted tubing retrieval

 Impact Services
• Shifting sleeves
• Breaking flapper valves
• Jarring while fishing

 Downhole Motor Rotating Services
• Cutting
• Milling
• Reaming / Under reaming
• Latching tools

 Other Specialized Tools Services
• Chemical cutting
• Window milling
• Venturi junk basket
• Washove

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